At school I never really considered myself 'arty' (but then, that's maybe what happens when 'art' lessons consist solely of drawing bowls of fruit).  But, despite dropping art' at age 14, I have always nurtured my own creativity, at first through private projects and then through a voracious appetite for short courses in obscure creative techniques.


Over the years I have learnt that my primary instinct is to work with my hands, whether that be sculpting clay, creating collages or moulding molten glass.


Along the way I have also learnt how to develop on this instinctual practice to push myself further and work with a wider range of techniques. (I have also discovered that I am not as bad at drawing as I thought).


With an analytical brain, glass is the perfect mix of art and science for me and I enjoy working out the technicalities of a piece as much as seeing my artistic vision become reality.


I have spent a lot of time travelling, but the west coast of Scotland has always felt like the place I call home.  My work often takes inspiration from the stories, the landscapes and the communities of this part of the world.